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Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati
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Just like Trenton, his sleeve is built to take as much punishment as you can dish out. His exclusive texture is tighter than almost anything you’ve ever experienced. An ultra tight entry quickly changes into a tightly-threaded passage that explodes into a wavy canal.

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Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati, who often goes by Trent among his friends and partners, was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in New Mexico. One of his earliest hobbies was riding bulls. Perhaps this hobby provided a good preparation for all of the rides he would take throughout his long and steady career in porn for men. Trenton raised the bar for rodeo riders, moving on to the professional rodeo circuit and performing to the highest of standards.

A muscular man measuring 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 215 pounds, Trenton was a little large for continuing a career in the rodeo, where most riders are more compact. After trying a few different careers, he ambled through the doors of the gay entertainment industry at the experienced age of 34. Although Trenton's favorite position is missionary, if you can name it, he has done it. From rimming to bottoming to topping, his flexibility is one of the reasons why so many want to have sex with Trenton Ducati.

Trenton Ducati's willingness to explore sex and sex fetishes makes him a popular choice among people who are looking to experience more fun during their solo and partnered sessions. His most memorable performances have yielded incredible results in places as diverse as dungeons, factories, swanky pools, and office cubicles. With a wide range of titles and co-stars that have included men and women, Trenton Ducati has something to offer everyone.

His stage name of Trenton Ducati refers to his enjoyment of going for a long vibrating ride on the leather saddle of a motorcycle. Some of his top-rated performances include Lucas Entertainment's "Assholes" and GHM's "Sentenced Episode 2: Undressed and Undercover." Not only is Trenton an established porn actor, but he is also a model and the owner of a modeling agency.

Trenton's hard muscular body and 8-inch anatomy have led to numerous awards for his performances. These awards include the 2013 and 2015 XBIZ Performer of the Year, the 2013 and 2014 Grabby Best Versatile Performer, the 2013 Grabby's Hottest Top, and the 2013 Grabby's Hottest Cock. Active in the industry since 2011, Trenton Ducati has proven himself to be reliable, strong, and attentive in all of his performances. Although he turned 40 in 2017, it is clear that this well-endowed man takes great care of his body. His exclusive contract with Fleshjack allows you to experience his shaft and delightful ass with exact replicas that are designed for the ultimate in pleasure.

Deliver Your Power to Trenton's Unique Backside

Trenton Ducati is known for his masculine and powerful performances, especially when it comes to topping his partners. The Titanium Fleshjack sleeve of Trenton's ass is built to withstand as many long, hard thrusts as you care to dish out. Made of realistic silicone, this sleeve features an exclusive texture that begins with a tight opening. As your shaft enters into the canal, you are treated with alternating rings and nubs to stimulate your most sensitive places. The total insertable length is 8.5 inches, and this Fleshjack sleeve with the powder blue case measures 9.75 inches in total.

Experience the Tight Anal Orifice of Trenton Ducati

A leading reason why men want to have sex with Trenton Ducati is his ultra-tight rear. This Fleshjack toy offers a simulated anal orifice that is decorated with subtle ripples that provide enhanced sensations on your member. The opening of the Tight Fleshjack Sensations sleeve is perhaps tighter than anything you have ever explored.

As you enter the sleeve, there are rows of tightly stacked rings that hug your flesh all the way around. A few inches into the sleeve, the opening bursts open into a canal with a series of curves and waves. For a realistic experience, use this Tight sleeve of Trenton Ducati's ass with the Fleshjack sleeve warmer. The sleeve warmer works with all of the Fleshjack sleeves, bringing them up to body temperature for an inviting performance. The Tight sleeve also comes in a delightfully sturdy powder blue case that measures 9.75 inches from the opening to the end.

Stay Up All Night With Trenton Ducati's Gorgeous Cock

The dildo replica of Trent Ducati's cock is made from a perfect cast of the real thing. It replicates the ample girth of 6 inches and his perfectly spherical balls at the base of the shaft. His cock has more curvature than most, and this unique feature provides you with extra sensation as it reaches your prostate for an exceptional anal massage. If you are ready to play with the big boys, this 7.75-inch dildo is the right choice. Whether you enjoy it during a solo session or kinky partnered play, its insertable length of 6 inches will reach all of your erogenous zones. Pair it with the lube of your choice and stay up all night with fantastic results.

Double Your Pleasure With All of Trenton's Anatomy

If you are as versatile in positions as Trenton Ducati is, you could act out your fantasies with Trenton Ducati using this pleasure pack. This set of hot sex toys enables you to double your pleasure with the replica cock and Titanium ass sleeve. Use them both at the same time to act out your bi or orgy fantasy, or use them one at a time as you see fit. This set also adds flexibility to your partnered play. The toys come with the Fleshjack Water lube for ease of insertion. These toys can also be paired with exciting Fleshjack accessories, including shower mounts and doggy-style mounts. With these Trenton Ducati sex toys, you too can achieve a powerful release just like he does.

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    Penis Length 7.75"
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